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The Beeline Ramblers: About Us

Fran Mandeville and Lisa Burnstine Mandeville are not your average singer/songwriters. They are masters at choosing just the right lyrics to fit perfectly with the music to create the feeling they want to share with you, whether it’s a song about a great joy in life, or a person who has fallen on hard times. If you close your eyes and listen, you actually become part of the song.

Lisa Burnstine - vocals,guitar, autoharp, cigarbox dulcimer

Lisa Burnstine was born with an autoharp case for a cradle. Daughter of bonafide "folkies", Lisa was surrounded by coffeehouse crooners and festival goers at every turn of her childhood. Packing up her busted guitar and crystal voice she headed out into the world at the age of 15 and has been playing one kind of music or another for the past 35 years. She has toured the country as well as performed in West Africa and Switzerland and has 2 recordings of her own ( with The Ravin' Mavens) in addition to "The Cuckoo" which is Fran and Lisa with their Flown Home Band. Lisa also runs a recording studio, is part of a touring puppet show "The Watershed Waltz" and helps to run local concerts featuring some of her friends from out on the road.

Fran Mandeville - vocals,guitar,mandolin,dobro,banjo,harmonica,pocketchange

Fran Mandeville is an endearing and relentless troubadour who has played music across the country from the coal mining road houses of northern Colorado to the coffeehouses of the Maine shore. His enduring career began as a vocalist and guitarist and evolved over 40 years into the prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist he is today. His well crafted songs have been performed and recorded by others. His Cd's "I Have Walked with Angels" and "Precarious" have received international airplay and great review. His most recent CD "The Cuckoo" is with Lisa and their Flown Home band. He joins Lisa in the Watershed Waltz, the concert series and the recording studio.

Fran's Cigar Box Instruments

Fran also makes traditional cigar box instruments.
Most are either 4 string guitars or 3-4 string dulcimers.Each one is unique depending on the box and neck style.
They are also available by custom order.
Check out the pictures on our photos page.

We do crafts fairs and festivals with these as well.