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The Beeline Ramblers: Beeline Ramblings...

Catching up - June 1, 2009

I can't believe I haven't added anything since last September. We have been busy but there is no excuse for not telling you about all the amazing gigs we've had. I guess the best way to do this is to say: you can see where we've been on our shows page and I'll add our exciting new ones as we go...
June is an exciting month. We have tapped into the Framers Market circuit in VT this year and we're looking forward to being involved in locally produced products with our music.
We also have quite a few other Vt gigs that promise to be really special.
All of these are listed on our shows page. Please join us at a few of these and help us enjoy our bounty!
I'll check back in later this month.
Oh yeah, by the way, our new album is underway and will hopefully be available this fall.

This summer and fall - September 8, 2008

What an amazing summer and fall this year! It all started with the Champlain Valley Folk Festival and has gone on from there to a fall tour to Georgia with artist Brandon Graving. She is doing a show at the Albany museum of art in November. We are transporting her and her work there and then performing at the Savannah Folk Song Society, First Friday show on November 7th. From there we're going to Charlotte NC and then to the Eisteddfod NY folk festival where Fran will be selling his Traditional cigar box instruments, November 14-the 16th! We are still working on a few more stops on our way back but we are so excited to be doing this amazing trip. Stay tuned for more info.....!

The Dream Away Lodge - September 5, 2008

What can we say? The Dream Away is a totally unique experience! We always have a blast playing there and the food is amazing.

Worth the trip from anywhere!

The Eclipse Mill Gallery - August 28, 2008

We had an incredible evening at the Gallery. We performed in front of the
beautiful and haunting work of Pennie Brantley and Robert Morgan: Passing Through This World It was the first concert of what we hope to be many through the fall and winter. We're hoping to invite some of our friends from out on the road to make this one of their stopping places
as they tour through New England.
We'll keep you posted here as we organize this series.

Heron Cove concerts - August 24, 2008

We had a great time playing at the heron cove concert series last night.
The stage is set up right on the waters edge and you can watch the geese fly over head as they go from one side of the lake to the other. We had a large and happy crowd. Many who returned from last years concert.
Booby Sweet and Tony Pisano joined us and we played until the bugs finally won out.
Next concert is Thursday at the Eclipse Mill... See you there

The Champlain Valley Folk Festival - August 5, 2008

What an amazing weekend we had. On Saturday morning we did a show with my mom Lyn Burnstine called O Mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers.
We shared the stage with The Kossoy Sisters ( of O brother where art though- I'll fly away fame), the MacArthurs ( children of Margaret) and mother/daughter Val Mindel and Emily Miller. It was a song circle and there were some tears shared by all. I used to baby sit for Irene Kossoy's kids when I was 13 at Pine woods folk music camp and one of the MacArthur boys was my first crush.It was such a thrill to be on stage together!

We then rushed off to join the Gypsy Wranglers on stage. They did a few songs,then we did a few, THEN..... We played a few songs together. Wow, they are a 6 piece band and we had Tony with us so we were 9 pieces!!! Fran said
when we played Precarious that it was like" putting a brand new pair of funky shoes on my child and watching it strut it's stuff!" What an amazing set that was.

Later that afternoon we did a song writers workshop called Roots and Branches with Hungrytown, Lorraine Lee and Bennett Hammond and Si Kahn. What an honor it was to be in the company of these amazing writers. We went around the circle a few times and then closed with a version of Angel Band that had everyone singing.

On Sunday we participated in a tribute show for Utah Phillips hosted by Rick Pellari. We sang The Goodnight Loving Trail and shared the stage with 13 people who took turns doing Utah's songs.

We got soaked, covered with mud and sunburned, saw a rainbow, slept like babies in our BeeLine camper and had to have the local farmer tow us out with his tractor at the end. All together it was an incredible weekend and we can't wait for next year!!!

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