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The Beeline Ramblers: Buy a CD

The Cuckoo - CD

This is our most recent CD done with The Flown Home Band. It has a great selection of both Fran's and Lisa's songs on it.
order this CD from us/contact us here and we'll send you one.

I Have Walked With Angels - CD or Tape

This is Fran's first CD from 1999. Lisa engineered it and sang on many of the songs.
Buy this at CD Baby or order from us

Precarious/ Fran Mandeville solo CD

This is Fran's most recent solo CD. Although Lisa didn't work on this one, many of the songs are songs that The ramblers do.
buy this cd at CD Baby or order from us.


We are in the process of recording our new Beeline Ramblers CD. Please check back often to see if it's done!
This CD will be available here soon!!